Whoever said "location, location, location" was the key to success never had to deal with the internet.

The internet allows anyone to publish their ideas. While this democracy of information has been a boon for thought leaders, it can also be a bane. When information of all kinds is abundant and accessible many worthwhile, thought-leading ideas get lost.

Sona Partners works with thought-leaders seeking broader engagement for ideas that matter. We help leaders in the fields of business, philanthropy, international affairs, financial services, and technology package their intellectual capital in ways that appeal to appropriate, targeted audiences. We leverage and enhance existing communications channels and tools, and use word-of-mouth techniques to help thought-leading people and ideas gain traction.

Timothy N. Ogden

Executive Partner, Sona Partners

Timothy Ogden is an experienced writer, editor and collaborator who specializes in helping thought leaders clarify ideas and communicate them effectively. He has a successful track record in a variety of media, from Op-Eds to books, on topics such as IT management, environmental sustainability and modern philanthropy. More than 100,000 books in print.

After seven years covering the IT hardware industry and leading a team of analysts helping clients make multi-million dollar technology decisions, Tim Ogden became the founding editor of Gartner Press in 2002. Created to help Gartner, Inc. solidify its reputation as a thought leader at the intersection of technology and business strategy, Gartner Press works with the firm’s best analysts and consultants to convert their ideas into must-read books for a general business audience.

As his first project, Mr. Ogden collaborated on and edited Achieving Business Value from IT (Wiley, 2002). Seeking a more effective publishing partnership, Mr. Ogden then worked to create a long-term relationship with Harvard Business Press. The first book from the partnership was Heads Up, published in 2004. Overall, Mr. Ogden sold seven proposals to Harvard Business Press in three years. Mr. Ogden served as a collaborator, editor or ghostwriter on five books during this period, including The New CIO Leader, Multisourcing, IT and the East, and Mastering the Hype Cycle.

In 2005 Mr. Ogden became Chief Knowledge Officer at Geneva Global, Inc. an international philanthropy advisory company. In this role, Mr. Ogden was charged with establishing Geneva Global as a thought leader among its peers. At Geneva Global, Mr. Ogden developed and launched Beyond Philanthropy (now Philanthropy Action) which became one of the philanthropy sector’s best blogs; he engineered Geneva Global’s appearance in Tier 1 media stories more than 20 times in two years (including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Forbes, ABC and CBS nightly news, and Harvard Business Review). Mr. Ogden also conceived and executed the Wise Givers Project with Barron’s Magazine, which was so successful that Barron’s commissioned it to be an annual project examining the most effective philanthropists in the U.S.

In 2008, Mr. Ogden founded Sona Partners, a thought leadership communications firm. Sona Partners serves existing and aspiring thought leaders, helping them clarify and communicate their ideas in ways that make an impact. Sona has completed or is at work on collaborations for seven projects covering topics such as how companies can use nature’s rules to build sustainable profits, the emerging importance of customer time as a key demographic differentiator, long-term leadership development, evolving revenue models and training a new generation of entrepreneurs. Mr. Ogden also serves as Editor-in-Chief of Philanthropy Action, a journal for high net worth donors. He is a frequent speaker on philanthropy issues and is regularly quoted in such publications as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Worth, The Chronicle of Philanthropy and the Financial Times.


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Laura Starita

Managing Partner, Sona Partners, LLC

Laura Starita has spent the past fourteen years crafting content for business audiences. She has written books, white papers, coffee table books, brochures, and blogs on subjects spanning retail banking, travel, food, and philanthropy.

During the late-nineties, Laura worked as a research analyst covering Internet and wireless banking systems for the technology research firm Gartner, Inc. In that role, she traveled across North America and Europe advising retail banking clients and writing extensively on the impact of emerging technologies on traditional banking revenue streams, customer relationships, and channel management. After moving to Germany in 2000, she took on the authorship of Tech-News and Management Focus, Gartner’s weekly and monthly publications addressing the specific needs of executives in Central Europe. Laura also joined the editorial team of WorldGuide, AG, a boutique publisher of travel and lifestyle books for high net-worth travelers. She was a contributor to WorldEvents: The Best Events of the Year and wrote most of the dining and nightlife content for the major world cities profiled on the company’s online publication, www.wgpremium.com.

Laura returned to the United States in 2004 to attend the graduate writing program at Columbia University’s School of the Arts, from which she graduated with an MFA. In 2006, she became, and continues to be, the managing editor of Philanthropy Action (formerly Beyond Philanthropy), an on-line journal for high net worth donors focused on improving the allocation of philanthropic capital.

In 2008, Laura co-founded Sona Partners, a firm specializing in helping thought-leading individuals and organizations clarify and communicate ideas for maximum impact.

Sona Partners’ co-founders Tim Ogden and Laura Starita are the creators and editors of Philanthropy Action, a journal for donors.