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Toyota Under Fire

Renowned Toyota expert Dr. Jeffrey Liker and his co-author, Sona Partners co-founder Timothy Ogden, explore how the world’s leading auto manufacturer used the greatest crisis in its history to renew its focus and emerge stronger than ever.

Being Global

Authors Ángel Cabrera and Gregory Unruh of the Thunderbird School of Global Management outline the mindset, entrepreneurship and citizenship skills we need in leaders—and how to build them.

Not for Free

IBM consultant and strategy expert Saul Berman shows how companies can use revenue model innovation to fight margin pressure and find profitable markets.

The 24-Hour Customer

People do not spend any more time shopping today than they did fifty years ago, but the number of products has exploded. Marketing consultant Adrian Ott helps businesses tailor their approach for a consumer audience with limited time and attention.

IPA Annual Report

Innovations for Poverty Action is a research nonprofit dedicated to identifying social programs that help the world’s poor. The 2010 Annual Report highlights recent findings and presents the organization’s cross-sector research initiatives and scale-up programs.

All Business is Local

Respected Harvard Business School marketing guru John Quelch and co-author Katherine Jocz explore how place matters more than ever in a world balanced between the physical and the virtual.

Latest Findings from Randomized Evaluations of Microfinance

Laura Starita co-authored a report, published by the World Bank’s CGAP, outlining what development experts have learned to date about the uses, benefits, and limitations of credit, savings, and insurance products for the poor.

The New Supply Chain Agenda

Supply chain excellence brings significant competitive advantages, yet most companies treat their supply chain as nothing more than logistics and warehousing. Authors Reuben E. Sloan, J. Paul Dittmann, and John T. Mentzer present the new capabilities needed to run a modern, cross-functional supply chain that builds economic value.

Strategy From the Outside In

Many companies make the mistake of developing strategy based on the skills of the business, not the needs of the customer. George Day of Wharton and Christine Moorman of Fuqua present their prescription for growth based on a deep commitment to delivering customer value.

Earth Inc.

Sustainable business guru Gregory Unruh sees an alternative to the wasteful value chains that companies have built for more than a century. By following five biosphere rules, companies can instead build a value cycle that delivers sustainability—in terms of profits and the environment.

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